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What can I do with the 30-day trial version of SmartIMF?

The 30-day trial version is the full and complete version of SmartIMF Manager. There are a few features that are locked to encourage purchasing SmartIMF. After the 30-day trial period has elapsed, SmartIMF will continue to function, providing white listing, spam deletion and Status Reports. When you start an un-licensed copy of SmartIMF Manager after the 30-day trial has expired, you will be presented with the opportunity to purchase a license for SmartIMF. The longer you continue to use SmartIMF without purchasing a license, a 'timeout' pause is added when running SmartIMF Manager. The features that are enabled when SmartIMF is purchased are:


Spam Digests will contain links to all messages, not just the first message
You can update to the latest version without uninstalling previous version


Does SmartIMF provide a way to blacklist addresses?

No. Because of the sophisticated techniques used by spammers, maintaining your own blacklist today is almost useless anyway. You can improve your spam filtering capability by implementing Recipient filtering and limiting mail to on Active Directory Users only. You can also configure Exchange to use one of the freely available RBL filtering services such as,, and others which can provide a more comprehensive, continually updated blacklist.


How do I configure Exchange to automatically receive Anti Spam Updates?

See the Microsoft Technet article: Microsoft Anti-Spam Updates for more information.



My SmartIMF Digest website status is shown as installed but not visible?

The SmartIMF Manager status check attempts to open a web page from the site. If you have configured your site to use HTTPS, you must install the certificate used into your local Internet Explorer web browser. The certificate needs to be installed into the 'Trusted Root Certificate Store' under the node 'Local Computer'.



A message was released (whitelisted) by SmartIMF but it did not appear in the users Inbox?

A copy of released messages is stored at:




You can check to see if the released mail was rejected by Exchange by checking the Exchange Pickup folder for .bad (badmail). Your message will also not be delivered if the Microsoft Exchange Transport Service is not running.