SmartIMF for Exchange 2007/2010

The Exchange Content Filter Agent replaces the Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) found in previous versions of Exchange. SmartIMF leverages the power and functionality of the new Anti-spam Agent architecture to provide advanced server-side message hygiene designed to combat the influx of spam or junk e-mail. When used in combination with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003+, it helps to significantly reduce the volume of spam users receive. Microsoft provides regular Anti-spam definition updates at no cost via Windows Updates.

Exchange Server 2007: Quarantine Mailbox

The Exchange 2007/2010 Content Filter Agent is built on the same SmartScreen technology that is used by Windows Live Hotmail and other Microsoft messaging products and services. Unlike Hotmail, Exchange only provides access to a separate Quarantine Mailbox to access this spam for review and retrieval of messages. This arrangement is less than ideal because:

  • Users have no privacy as all users spam is delivered to a single mailbox
  • Access to their own spam requires opening another mailbox and viewing each email
  • Searching for valid messages in the Quarantine Mailbox is difficult and slow


Exchange Server 2007: Whitelists

Exchange 2007 provides rudimentary whitelist functionality and Safelist Aggregation. This requires Administrators to periodically run PowerShell commands to collect safelist addresses, propagate them to their Edge Transport servers and to maintain their users Whitelists. This process can be tedious and time-consuming.

SmartIMF Manager: Spam filtering made easy

SmartIMF was specifically designed to address these limitations. SmartIMF provides users with easy, secure access to their own spam. They can view, release and whitelist their own email mis-identified as spam. They can receive regular spam digest emails clearly listing each spam.

System Administrators workload is reduced as the entire lifespan of spam can be automated. They can configure when a message is archived as spam, who has access to it, who can release it and how long it is retained before automatically being deleted if not reclaimed.


How it works – SmartIMF Manager for Exchange 2007/2010



SmartIMF Manager has been designed to provide easy access to common tasks in the day-to-day maintenance spam email.

View messages archived as spam in either raw format or with a built in HTML viewer
SmartIMF Manager interface has been designed and tested to handle large volumes of spam in the UCEArchive folder (10,000+ messages)
Sort the view by date/time, From:, To:, Subject:, Size of message or SCL (spam) rating. Search and/or Filter messages by From:, To: and Subject:.
SmartIMF Manager can filter the list of spam to show only messages addressed to valid Active Directory recipients.
Manually release and deliver messages to the recipient mistakenly identified as spam by the Content Filter Agent.
Automatically release and deliver messages to the recipient mistakenly identified as spam by the Content Filter Agent.
Using the Whitelist Rule editor, create simple or complex whitelist rules to automatically release and deliver messages mistakenly identified as spam by the Content Filter Agent.
Create a Whitelist Rule based on the contents of an existing message.
Create a Spam Digest for your users, listing all their spam caught by the Content Filter Agent during the previous 24 hours. Digests can be sent at specific hours during the day or daily.
Users can view and release their own messages caught by the Exchange Content Filter Agent with daily Spam Digest reports. (registered version only – 30 day trial version shows only the first message)
Delete single or multiple messages; or by pre-defined filters of ‘All’, ‘All – Keep Today’s’ or ‘All – Keep one week’
Automatically delete messages based on their age or by their SCL score and age. You can also set a maximum size for your UCE Archive folder.
Configure many parameters of the Whitelist service to tune for your specific messaging environment. Admins can configure which features Users can access.
Import whitelist addresses from TXT/CSV files.
Users can create whitelist rules with 2 clicks from email trapped in the spam archive.
SmartIMF fully supports and can decode and display RFC2047 encoded fields. It will
also use the individual message codepage to display any recognised language character set.
The SmartIMF Agent can be configured to append the SCL score to each message.
Users have secure, remote access to their own spam.